I’m Running.

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Tim Worst Announces Run for Virginia Beach City Council

Virginia Beach – Long-time Virginia Beach resident, Tim Worst, files to run for Virginia Beach City Council in the Princess Anne district. Reasons for running are frustration with the current council’s priorities, out of control spending, and lack of representation from the people of Virginia Beach on the city council.

Tim Worst gave the following speech announcing his run for City Council.

“Hi, My name is Tim Worst and I am a conservative running for Virginia Beach City Council. I’m a life-long resident of Virginia Beach. I graduated from Kempsville High School. All my family still lives here, and my wife Cathy and I raised our children here.

I am running because I love our city. Our city is very diverse. Thanks to the military we have residents from everywhere. We have rural and suburban neighborhoods and we have some nice beaches. It’s a community all in one. It’s why so many people want to raise their family here. The sense of community and lifestyle is what makes Virginia Beach great.

I’ve never thought about running for public office, until now. When I see the direction our city council is taking us. When I see the blatant abuse of power that makes the special interests wealthy while neighbors and friends are underwater. When we are completely disregarded no matter how loud we scream or cry. It’s time somebody did something about it.

I have been very active in my community. Over the years I have volunteered for a multitude of different organizations like Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Alzheimer’s Association, Special Olympics, I love being Santa Claus at the Surf & Santa Race, I shaved my head for Team Abby in the St. Baldricks Foundation and I volunteered to coach basketball and numerous softball teams.

In short, I’ve got a stake in the game. This is home.

I’m running for the Princess Anne seat on the city council to put our priorities back in order. It’s time this city council understood what NO really means. It’s time the Private Public Partnerships took a back seat to the needs of our citizens, the police, and our teachers. It’s time that our tax dollars were used on us and not making others wealthy at the expense of our infrastructure.

It’s time we all mattered.

When I’m elected my priority will be the people first, not tourists, not a pier, not an arena, and definitely not light rail.

I’ll focus on rebuilding our infrastructure. So, my neighbors and friends won’t fear being underwater again. Our first responders need to be at full strength. Able to function in any kind of weather at any time. And so, our teachers won’t fear budget cuts. Having to spend too much money on their own classrooms and that they have a nice safe building to teach in.

Lastly, I want to see our city grow but it needs to grow and develop organically. When the business community sees a fair opportunity with free markets, our economy can grow naturally. Our city will once again live within its means just like we do – the citizens. This will reduce our spending, encourage commerce, help keep a rainy day fund and keep the city council from raising our taxes like they did for full-day kindergarten.

I am not a politician. I haven’t sat on city council for 30 years. I am your neighbor, I’m your coach, and the guy you sit next to in church. Like you I’ve had enough. I just want to help my neighbors and all of Virginia Beach do what’s right.

My name is Tim Worst, and I am asking for your support and your vote on November 6th. I know that together we can turn our city around.

Thank You.”

Tim Worst is a life-long Virginia Beach resident, married to his wife Cathy for 23 years, and is head of Law Enforcement sales at Rally-Point Tactical in Virginia Beach.