This Isn’t About The Pier

Mr. Linwood Branch, allow me to retort. As a citizen and lifelong resident of Virginia Beach, I find your statement void of actual facts. You also don’t disclose your relationship or appointments since your departure from the city council. As an owner of a hotel at the oceanfront and a member of the Virginia Beach Development Authority, I find your statement a bit bias.

Fact, you spoke at a public hearing and failed to disclose your relationship with the city as an appointed commissioner on the Development Authority. Fact, you voted on this very pier project in a closed session of the Development Authority on December 19, 2017. Fact, now you are advocating for it with secret knowledge of this project. Here are the “25 million dollars” questions. What happened in that closed meeting? Why don’t the citizens have full transparency to this project? How many members of the Development Authority will benefit from this project?

What is clear, this process is deliberately obscure. The wants and desires of special interest take precedence over the basic needs of the citizens that fund those projects. Based on the comments from the people sitting behind me that this is a “done deal” and our Mayors public conflict of interest plea bargain, I’d say my comments were spot on.

For this reason, I intend to pursue my candidacy for City Council. It is time the citizens come first to this council and not the special interest that fund their campaigns.