April 3, 2018, City Council Mtg

Argos Properties II LLC was looking for a deferral on the Feb 14th denial of their application by the Planning Commission to change the zoning from Agriculture to Residential in the West Neck Creek area, North side of Princess Anne Road. The deferral was on the consent agenda. Thankfully Joe Brown spoke on behalf of his parents & the Princess Anne Quarter Civic League.
-the developer agrees there is a significant concern for flooding and potential residents would get a “buyer beware warning.” Are you kidding me?
-The City of Va Beach when looking at the plans approved upgrading a pump station if the development went through. This is just draining from taxpayers and not addressing current drain issues.
-“It’s a wetlands area, Holland swamp land”, this according to the Planning Commission,
-American Engineering, Brad Martin says he needs to get this project in order. Mr Martin agrees, “there is nothing you can do about the Princess Anne Road, it is what it is.”. Correct. It’s low, it floods, and it’s not passable by EMS, Police, etc @ times more often than the developer noted.
– The Princess Anne Quarter East neighborhood was approved 2 years earlier. Then the developer for it defaulted on their promise to help with the cost of infrastructure improvements for flooding.

The Vote

Council took on this development on April 3rd was a 5-5 tie denying this development. Council members that support this ridiculous development are the same people who sponsored Councilman Uhrin’s $2,500 boat ride & picture as a fundraiser. Birds of a feather flock together.
Dear City Council, “No!” Means, “No.” NO Developing Past the Green Line!
As a lifelong resident, enough is enough! We are already having to pay over $10 million to fix the Asheville Park neighborhood flooding. I believe residents want the Pungo/Blackwater area to look like it does now, in 50 years.

We certainly don’t need to create new flooding problems when we haven’t addressed our current ones.